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CNC Machining Partner Since 1998

Hawk Machine Works (HMW) brings more than 20 years of experience as a CNC machining and manufacturing partner for manufacturers of metal products in various industries. Whether companies are looking to either start, scale, outsource, or reshore their manufacturing operations, Hawk Machine has the experience/knowledge capital, capabilities, and resources to both handle large production runs or invest in the required infrastructure. This investment can be in assets such as machinery, equipment, inventory, and even in facilities or real estate.

Traditional Procurement Equals Organized Chaos

Most manufacturing service providers offer only a specific set of operations or services which means product & procurement teams need to vet and work with multiple vendors for various services and supplies. This complexity naturally leads to greater difficulty in controlling costs, quality, and delivery. 

Companies and managers have developed people and processes that organize and optimize this “reality”. However, in statistics and quality management, the more variables there are in an equation, the greater the chances of variance; in quality this means defects.

Centralizing such manufacturing operations with one or a limited number of strategic partners naturally simplifies the supply chain complexity and can lead to several other key outcomes such as reduced costs, improved quality control, reduced lead times and quicker delivery, among others.

How to Select The Right Manufacturing Partner?

As part of annual planning and reporting, some managers look at the options of either investing in their own manufacturing capabilities versus finding new vendors. Some organizations also look at possible partnerships or joint ventures. 

There is an alternative to all the aforementioned options. A more balanced approach could be to look into establishing a long-term service agreement, or strategic partnership, with the right vendor. This poses the question, what makes a company the right strategic manufacturing partner?

The process of answering this question should be as thorough as when considering who to partner with on a joint venture or when starting a business. According to the Harvard Business Review, “it’s important that the two organizations share a similar culture and values, as well as a common goal.”

Experience and a proven track record are vital and foundational criteria, but sometimes executives strike such alliances based on intangible factors such as personal chemistry. Rapport and trust among key executives are important, but another HBR article recommends a thorough due-diligence even though “This critical approach may seem like bad relationship manners in a strictly personal sphere. It’s not in business.”

Why Consider HMW’s Strategic Partnership Program?

Hawk Machine Works is backed by a public equity group and sister companies that can provide a wide range of existing and complimentary services.

Hawk Machine is a true partner by helping in the assessment of risk, helping to craft solutions, and investing in infrastructure and resources. 

This is where Hawk Machine stands out from any other manufacturing as a service company. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to invest in new machinery, supplies, people, facilities, and any other resources required to build a manufacturing facility for our partners.

Partner Case Example

  • Start:

    In 2010, a manufacturer of downhole tools approached HMW

  • Problem:

    R&D and taking new fracking technology to market

  • Solution:

    Prototyping and small production runs to optimize efficiency and quality

  • Scaling:

    Joint investment in new production line, storage yard, and assembly facility

  • Results:

    In 10 years, over 400,000 components machined with zero onsite failures

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